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Launch of Bold Leaps Magazine

New SME magazine Bold Leaps was officially launched yesterday by Truman Business Communications, targeting at small to medium enterprises which aim to grow their businesses overseas.

Bold Leaps was launched to some small fanfare yesterday at the Acte D’Amour Restaurant in the Masonic Club.  The launch was kickstarted by BNI Singapore‘s National Director Mr. Mervin Yeo, who shared on the importance of social capital and collaboration.  His presentation was followed by the Vice Consul of the Philippine Embassy, Mr. Mersole Mellejor, who highlighted potential investment and business opportunities in the Philippines to the 100-plus audience.

Publisher of Bold Leaps, Mr. Sim Chow Boon was probably overwhelmed by the moment, gave a nervy thank-you speech before guest-of-honour Mr. Richard Eu, Group CEO of Eu Yan Sang International took to the podium and congratulated the publishing team.

The highlight of the day was definitely guest entrepreneur Mr. Adrin Loi, Executive Chairman of Ya Kun Kaya Toast.  He wasn’t the most fluent or dynamic of speakers – in fact he stuttered a bit – but the affable and charming man could certainly work a crowd.  He started his presentation by asking a series of questions about his business, giving away his company’s signature kaya as prizes.  Mr. Loi soon moved to a short presentation of Ya Kun and some aspects of business that entrepreneurs should look at.

Assessment of Bold Leaps

Bold Leaps may not be the first magazine targeting the SME crowd, but its publishing team seems to aim at setting it apart by being an entrepreneur’s magazine written by entrepreneurs.  In fact, the content seems largely sourced from guest contributors who are entrepreneurs in their own right. This has its advantages and disadvantages.  Non-entrepreneurs seldom understand the challenges that faced by entrepreneurs, so people within the circle – those who have been-there, done-that – are likely to be better placed to give advice to readers.  On the other hand, entrepreneurs are unlikely to be the best writers, and may have difficulty conveying their messages to readers.  The editor of Bold Leaps, Filipino Chriz Samson Larin seems somewhat inexperienced for her demanding role. Judging by the content, she will needs to quickly get used to catering to the reading tastes of her Singapore readers (although we understand the magazine will also be distributed in the Philippines).

It is heartening to note that the magazine does seem to have garnered the support of local advertisers, which means that there is a lot of interest in SMEs as a market.  All in all, it will be interesting to see how the magazine pans out in the near future.


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