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How Is Construction Insurance Different From Other Insurance Types?

Insurance is a necessity regardless of what sort of business you may find yourself in. Verisk mentions that about 40% of small businesses don’t have any kind of insurance to cover their operations. Being covered by insurance is not just paying money in the event that something happens. Professionals the world over need insurance before they can join any professional organization, and the same should go for businesspeople. Construction insurance represents a specific type of insurance that businesses may look into. A company might need health insurance for its workers, but might also be looking into sourcing Edmonton car insurance quotes, for example.

Construction insurance attempts to offer an insurance solution that can cover the entire company and its individual parts under a specific policy.

What Exactly Is Construction Insurance?

According to The Balance, construction insurance can offer coverage for several potential areas pertinent to industrial businesses, from employees, material, and even natural disasters as well as risks undertaken for a particular job and also the entire business itself. Construction insurance isn’t a single term that refers to an individual policy, but to a classification of insurance products that are tailored to the construction industry and aim to offer coverage for anything that a builder or construction engineering company may require. Among the most common insurance policies that fall under construction insurance is Contractors’ All Risk (CAR) insurance. Investopedia notes that CAR covers third-party injury or damage claims as well as property damage, two of the most common hazards for construction companies.

What Benefits Does Construction Insurance Offer?

We can think about construction insurance as a package deal, where each policy contained in the package can be bought separately. While this is possible, the package deal system has the bonus that all package deals usually offer – each policy is cheaper when bought together. Construction insurance, despite its name, isn’t just geared towards companies that deal solely with insurance either. Because of the coverage offered, most companies can benefit from using this type of policy to cover their daily operations. Even so, it’s unlikely that construction insurance would fit every single sort of industrial business. Taking a look at the individual policies contained under the policy offering can help the decision in choosing a particular insurance policy or not for business use.

Customizing Insurance to Suit Needs.

While construction insurance does cover a broad category of risk, there are specific coverages that this sort of policy doesn’t offer but that a business may require. Each insurer has their policies regarding add-on policies, and if a company is already covered with a particular insurer, it’s very likely that they will offer better rates for any add-on policies the company decides to add. Vehicle insurance is one option that doesn’t come with the standard construction insurance but may be useful if the company has branded vehicles that are used in their daily field work. Drivers would be covered under the construction insurance heading, but the cars or trucks themselves may not be. The only way to be sure of what is included and what isn’t is to discuss it with the insurer directly.

A Necessary Business Expense.

As Chron notes, disaster could hit a business at any moment and there is absolutely no excuse for being unprepared. With the wide variety of insurance options available to businesses today as well as the ease of customization of policies that most companies offer, there is no reason why a business should be without it. Owners should be aware of how important having insurance is in every aspect of their business, but sadly, a lot of owners tend to discount this sort of expense as unnecessary. It’s only when something happens that requires them to have a policy that they realize the necessity of the money spent in keeping it going. Any responsible business owner knows that insurance could mean the difference between surviving an unforeseen accident and shuttering because of something that could have been easily avoided with a simple construction insurance policy.


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