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Five Useful Qualities For Successful Public Speaking

A public speaker may give a talk at a conference, workshop, meeting or other important event. As with any occupation, there are a few qualities that can help to make a public speaker successful.

Check out these five examples

A Sense of Humor


A sense of humor is a valuable tool for keynote speakers as well as other individuals speaking to a group. Most audiences respond to a speaker with a sense of humor and it helps them relax, sit back and listen to what the person has to say. If there is a mishap during the person’s speech, a sense of humor becomes even more valuable. For instance, maybe the microphone cuts out while the person is talking. The speaker can make a joke about it as opposed to letting the interruption ruin their momentum.

Having an easy sense of humor can also help the speaker remain calm and go with the flow of the situation.

Knowledge of Many Subjects


Finding success as a public speaker is easier if a person has knowledge of a lot of subjects. That way, the speaker is ready to make a talk about a variety of topics. Of course, if the speaker is not fully confident about a topic, they must do some research in order to thoroughly understand it. An audience can always tell if a speaker is confident in their knowledge of a topic.

Knowledge of Current Events


Knowledge of current events is another quality that can help a public speaker on the path to success. The speaker may be able to incorporate current events into their talk or even use a humorous current event in the opening of their talk. Chances are, the audience will be up on the latest current events, so it’s best for a public speaker to be as informed as they are in this area.

The Ability to Read an Audience


The ability to read an audience can help a public speaker to make a more convincing talk. If a speaker feels they are losing the attention of audience members, then they can make adjustments to the talk to regain their attention. In short, a successful public speaker never ignores the audience while speaking. Instead, they speak to an audience like they are sharing something with a good friend.



A confident public speaker is going to garner more respect and attention from an audience. A public speaker’s confidence comes from knowing what they are talking about. Most public speakers are nervous before going out to make a talk, but that doesn’t equate to lack of confidence.

Nervousness can be overcome and subsides as a person begins to speak. If a person really knows a lot about a subject, their confidence shows through. Furthermore, if they are talking about a personal experience, it is even more convincing because they are speaking from the heart. This type of talk is likely to capture the attention of listeners and maintain it until the end of the event.

Lastly, public speaking doesn’t come naturally to most people. It takes practice to improve skills and develop an easy delivery. But, having these five qualities can definitely help a person to have more success in this undertaking.


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