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  • Sophie Lee

    Parkway Display Products Limited ( )is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Point of Sale Display for more than 8 years experience .Our company specializes in acrylic and corrugated cardboard stands, pallet, shelves, counter, boxes, cases, showcases, trays etc.

  • logo design portfolio

    Why logos are important? Logos
    are the symbol of your company. It will represent your company or brand your
    products. If it is creative and good, it can attract man people’s attention.
    Moreover, many people or customers feel that a good logo can give them
    assurance of getting good products. So while logo designing companies
    become more careful than doing other works.

  • Troy Wilson

    Logo makes a business to stand out in a crowd. It must be creative and designed well as it represents a brand. We recognize the big brand easily with their logos so it is a powerful tool of success.

  • snoblondrei

    Our logo is just piece of lime. We are Pirylime and the name of company is dedicated to my grandmother – E.M.I.L.Y R.I.P :)

    • Emily Miller

      What a great logo, snoblondrei! I also love the name of the company–so unique and very meaningful

      • snoblondrei

        and she always love lemon/lime ice cream