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LIME Magazine’s Market for Fleas

Local youth entertainment and lifestyle magazine LIME organizes fortnightly flea markets for the budding young entrepreneurs to sell their wares.

Rental costs $20 per day. Interested parties can apply to with the following details: name, age, IC number, address, mobile number, e-mail and a detailed description of the items you’ll be selling. Also, remember to include the code LIME in your application.

The next two LIME Flea Market@Youth Park  take place on 13 and 27 September from 1 to 7 pm.

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  • Joan

    Hi Lynette,

    Daniel is right. The flea market is no longer available.

    We also tried sending several emails too and it could not get through. Realised later from the Scape’s front desk that Mediacorp had ceased organising the flea market.

    Think they should set it up again as it seems to be receiving good response.


  • lynette

    there is a problem with the email of, i tried sending an application for many times but it didn’t get through, is there any other way for me to apply? thanks alot 🙂

    • Daniel

      Hi Lynette,

      Actually Mediacorp has closed down LIME magazine earlier this year, which may mean the flea market is no longer available. That could explain why you’re not getting your emails through.