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An Amazing Retail Display



williams sonoma


Having visited the United States recently, I strongly believe one of the reasons why they have one of the highest per capita consumption of goods in the world is because of the strength of American retail.

When it comes to retail, the Americans must be doing something right.  Take Williams-Sonoma (above), for example, which sells high-end kitchenware and groceries to the discerning luxury consumer.

I visited its San Francisco Embarcadero Center branch recently and was totally floored by their retail displays, with each and every one screaming “BUY ME NOW!”…


williams-sonoma display 1


Upon entry, a retail staff immediately and cheerfully offered me a taste of “California’s freshest apple cider”, which was prominently arranged in this display.  Another staff from time to time chirped how close Thanksgiving was and how the staff were readily on hand to advise how to make the best Thanksgiving turkey or pumpkin pie.


williams-sonoma display 2


Here’s a look at another beautiful display. There’s no way retail stores in Singapore can compete on this level (yet).


item descriptions


Displays come with clear and detailed descriptions of the items offered, along with their prices.


recipe card


Or how about a recipe card that comes along with how to use that wonderful product they’re selling?




They even provide a complementary Thanksgiving shopping checklist, to remind you to pick up (at their store, of course) all the “necessary” items for that “perfect” Thanksgiving dinner.  How can anyone resist?

Any retail business – whether a large national chain or a small corner neighbourhood shop – needs to understand and take full advantage of using visual merchandising. Beautiful displays definitely draw in customers and entice them to spend, spend, spend.

If you own a retail space, consider using such techniques to boost your sales.


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